About Me

A little about me, 19 years old,  lived in Tauranga (where some of my family still resides..) for most of my life but recently shifted up to Auckland to study full time and futher my education in fields I want to work in.

My interests include Music (anything related), Video Production, Movies, Games, Cameras (Digital/Video) anything tech related, people & FAMILY!

Ive completed a course in Live Sound & Event Production at MAINZ the past year (2009) and now in 2010 doing a Diploma in Event Management & am currently trying to build an events promotions company called Black & Red Entertainment.

Also I hope to travel some more in 2010 since my brother is moving to AUS it gives me more reason to head over there often and explore what they have to offer, then hopefully in a year or two I can head over to Japan, China, US & Europe to explore there to and see a number of different cultures etc.

And finally the reason I made this blog is just to keep track of what I get up to all around this year and to just have a central point of all my workings that I do throughout the years aswell as posting anything that interests me whether it be things about music, art, photography, clothing, life, technology etc!!


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