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Just a quick update on things, had a good easter weekend, caught up with a few people I hadnt seen in awhile which is allways good.

Getting another B&R gig for June sorted atm and should have the promo page on Facebook up soon with print coming a little after, ill post details on that on the B&R blog and this blog when its all finalised.

Apart from that just abit work on the side and waiting for my new computer to arrive at my mates store so it can be built and setup so I can game, record and edit videos more effectively and finally just have a decent computer setup for once lol.

On a side note im watching a news flash on TV3 news that OSAMA BIN LADEN has been killed in a drone strike over Afgahnistan which is pretty crazy, wonder what my dad will think of the whole situation lol.

Anyways ill post a update when my computer has been completed and post pictures and when the next B&R gig is finished.

Chur, Will.


Top 5 Movies:

Wall Street

Kick Ass

The Social Network



Top 5 Albums

Skrillex – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites

A Day To Remember – What Separates Me from You

The Devil Wears Prada – Zombie EP

Of Mice & Men – Of Mice & Men

The Ghost Inside – Returners

Top 5 Games

Halo Reach

Goldeneye 007

Top 5 Concerts/Acts

12th Planet (12th Nov, Be Club)

The Ghost Inside (Fri 17th Sep, The Studio)

The Black Dahlia Murder (Sat 29th May, Kings Arms)

The Devil Wears Prada (Fri 17th Sep, The Studio)

Emmure (Fri Mar 26th 2010, The Transmission Room)

Top 2 Moments

Being introduced to Electro/Dubstep – Being introduced to elector and dubstep music would be a pretty big moment for me since ive learnt how hard it is to produce music like this and what goes into it in the studio which is quite abit. Has also got me getting into producing some stuff but that will develop at a later time in the future 🙂

Graduation – Finally finishing up course this year and graduating with all my mates alongside me, was awesome as!

Had to post this because im a sucka for awesome game artwork:

This website is for a awesome video project someone is trying to through together about the Japanese arcades, theres a 3 minute trailer on the website, you should check it out and contribute if you can. Cant wait for the final release!

Having done alot this week apart from I attended a invite only gaming industry event at this shed down on Victoria St I think it was with my friend that works at a game store. We got there at it was a open bar and had a few games that were the E3 builds, to name a few there was Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Sonic Colours, Vanquish, Hawxs 2, Dead Rising 2 and both Microsofts Kinect and Sony Playstation Move which are releasing sometime later this year. I only really played MvC3 which is alot of fun and as crazy as MvC2. They also had a tournament for MvC3 towards the end of the night with 8 people (which me and this other dude should have been apart of but we got kicked off >_<) anyways my mate won the tournament and scored himself a Hori SE 360 arcade stick, a copy of MvC3 when it drops, SSF4 copy and a signed MvC3 t shirt from E3 which isnt to bad considering he was abit drunk lol. I scored a goodie bag which is cool, had a few PS related things in it so ill just chuck them in my box of promo stuff.

Apart from that im just waiting for Saturday to roll around so I can get to Zeal and run the show im putting on. Should be good times, im not to nervous and I hope everything runs smoothly 😀
Ill do a writeup of my event on sunday sometime.

Another update yo! Just been in class and start/finishing assessments left right and center, my show that im running for class is on next Saturday (Aug 14th) this is the final poster design:

On the 21st/22nd of Aug ill be playing in the SSF4 nationals at GIGA just up the road which should be sweet, not really expecting to do that well since im not all that great at SSF4 but I like the game enough to show up to events for it.

So apart from that im just doing class assesments and chillaxin.

18.7.10 – Update

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Games, Misc, Updates

Just sitting in the lounge and watching 3rd Rock From The Sun on Comedy Central, have to leave for Auckland today/tonight because ive got class tomorrow at 10:30pm which is abit better than starting at 10:00pm haha.
Overall these holidays were pretty awesome, XLAN was good and the last week was good chilling out in Tauranga with family.

XLAN 2010 Results (All Games):


Forza Motorsport 3
1st Paradoxx
2nd zeusNZ
3rd Injustice

Guitar Hero 5
WINNER Rudeism – Beat Mason in winners finals 2-1 with all songs being insanely close then won in the grand finals 2-1 with the songs being insanely close (500 less points between them in all songs) Some of the best Guitar Hero ive ever witnessed, I told Dylan if he beats Mason id give him $50 and he did so I kept my word and gave it to him, he looked surprised lol.

Tekken 6

Halo 3
1st Team Sidewinder – Heil, Bald, Jambun & Kurtis
2nd Mmmm Where’s Your God Now – Taniwha, Zero, D-Lord & Mookie
3rd Once Were Warriors – Am4, Will, Slaughter & Hawkz

Super Street Fighter 4


Team Fortress 2
1st ysw
2nd On The Piss
3rd 9 inches

Counter-Strike: Source
1st Watch Me Clutch
2nd Streamline
3rd parallax

Call of Duty 4
1st Archaic eSports – AUS team
2nd Team Uprising – Had 2 members of Frenetic Array from AUS
3rd LeftLean

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Squad Rush
1st Team Exile5
2nd Team Uprising
3rd Team Sidewinder

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Conquest
1st Team Sidewinder
2nd Team Exile5
3rd Affliction

Trackmania: Nations Forever

Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne
1st TerrorBlade – WCG NZ 2004 WC3 Rep
2nd NewZealand
3rd Snoop

Starcraft: Brood War
1st expe
2nd TerrorBlade
3rd Wytaliba

Counter-Strike 1.6
1st parallax – 7/8 WCG wins
2nd Halcyon – 2 members of the WCG 2007 NZ team.
3rd maelstrom

According to some of the forum threads around, the friday was really shit for computer players with the servers being crap for CS and the stage computers/monitors being shit and the organization of the competition overall being slack. Hopefully everything is ironed out for next year to make it better, I myself cant wait for next year and the next lans to come because it will be Halo: Reach not Halo Shitty 3 XD

Xlan 2010 Shoutouts – OWW, TSW – Dean, Owen, James & Kurtis, StN, Velocity, Taniwha, Conna, Proddd, Nick, Justin, Apex, All console players, Console Admins – Sparkz, Cam & Ben.