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Hitting this show up tonight at The Studio, going to be crazy as hell!

Will do a review/thoughts write up after, maybe with some pictures and video aswell, PEACE!

Songs Dropped

    Slum Dogz

The Fire – Slum Dogz
Tertris Theme – Doctor P
Sweet Shop – Doctor P
Big Boss – Doctor P
Watch Out! – Doctor P

    Flux Pavilion

I Cant Stop
Haunt You
Bass Cannon
Cracks Remix
Got 2 Know
Lines In Wax
Hold Me Close

    Cookie Monsta

Ginger Pubes
Scatta – Skrillex


Im going to start tagging my update posts with numbers now since it will be easier to track and what not.
So last time I posted ive just been trying to get some B&R stuff orginised, if these plans do come alive then it will be huge for me and the B&R name so hopefully something comes of it.

There has been a tour announcement in AUS in MAY which is called the Destroy Music Tour which is such a beastly lineup consisting of The Amity Affliction, I Killed The Prom Queen, Deez Nuts & Of Mice & Men. Im seriously thinking about heading over to one of the shows since ive allways been a big fan of IKTPQ and now that they have Jamie Hope as singer (picture below), im sure it would be a awesome show.

Destroy Music Link :

Also ive been thinking about study opitions for next year, I think at this point in time ill be going to AUT for a BCT, Bachelor In Creative Technologies and major in Moving Image since ive allways had an interest in editing and presenting video projects to people, so I think that would be awesome to do.

So until update #2, PEACE!

Currently looking at getting a 500D or 450D with a standard lens. Really want to get into photography more and learn the ins and outs.

Might have to wait a little longer to have more saved up to drop on one.

NASA Images:

Bandwidth monitoring program for Windows:

No Sleep Til – Atticus Photo Essay:

Heres some interesting photos ive taken:

Taiwan? Doritos Packet (yes this flavour is the best and tastes different to NZ doritos)

Idk but ive got a werid obsession with foreign packing, such as this!

Also heres a picture of some shitty weather and view from the living room… skate park FTW!

When I did a restore of my desktop, the version of iTunes that pre installs on the machine was ancient as hell, though I would post a screencap of it for the LOLZ…

Ive wanted to make a hand made copy of Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites for awhile now, so finally I got around to it and it came out pretty awesome imo! Heres some pictures: