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Loooong time, no see.

Posted: September 26, 2011 in Updates
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It’s been awhile since if posted anything onto this blog, theres been quite alot a changes since the last time.

Moved back home, for various reasons.

Applied for uni, which is looking promising.

Started a new business with a good friend.

Found out ill be attending my brothers wedding in November.


Reverted to past interests of film and began writing a screenplay.

Overall, it’s going pretty well. Just need to find some part time work to build some cashflow.


Well its safe to say that I haven’t given this blog any attention what so ever in awhile, so I thought it would be a good idea to give it a mass update on all things LIFE!

First up, last weekened was my second show for Black & Red Entertainment, it was at Zeal West, Henderson, Auckland and had a pretty decent turnout of 100 people in the main room, which based on the feedback I got from the bands that played was good vibes which is allways good to hear 😀 So currently in the works for another one up there in Sep/Oct, unsure on the details at the moment, will post more once I get it sussed.

Another big thing was that I moved back down to my hometown of Tauranga, mainly for two good reasons… Something pretty big came up in my family and id just like to be around family for awhile and the other is to safe money for uni next year in Auckland, so im only in Tauranga for around six months which I dont mine at all.

Music wise ive just been listening to the new releases of Skrillex, Foreign Beggars, Feed Me, Of Mice & Men and a few other random songs which are all killer releases by the way. I really REALLY love the new Of Mice & Men album, such a good step up from their old album and I really love the soft tracks and the fact that there is more singing on the album than the previous, just makes it alot more fresh sounding that the last release!

Last but not least ive got some video stuff that ive got to start editing together for my uni portfolio which submissions begin in September I think, so hopefully those turnout well and the people im doing it for dig it.

Ill start posting “interesting” things more often now and keep the blog more active with updates and cool things.

❤ Will.

Just a small randy update, just been up to the same old stuff and currently looking forward to PC XLAN which will be the first PC XLAN that ive attended, other than that Ill be going to Sydney at the end of June or possibly the start of July to hang with my brother and help him and his fiancee move into their new apartment in the city.
And im looking forward to my next B&R show which is on June 11th, hopefully it will be a good turnout like my last one. And yea thats about it. Until next time.


Just a quick update on things, had a good easter weekend, caught up with a few people I hadnt seen in awhile which is allways good.

Getting another B&R gig for June sorted atm and should have the promo page on Facebook up soon with print coming a little after, ill post details on that on the B&R blog and this blog when its all finalised.

Apart from that just abit work on the side and waiting for my new computer to arrive at my mates store so it can be built and setup so I can game, record and edit videos more effectively and finally just have a decent computer setup for once lol.

On a side note im watching a news flash on TV3 news that OSAMA BIN LADEN has been killed in a drone strike over Afgahnistan which is pretty crazy, wonder what my dad will think of the whole situation lol.

Anyways ill post a update when my computer has been completed and post pictures and when the next B&R gig is finished.

Chur, Will.

Im going to start tagging my update posts with numbers now since it will be easier to track and what not.
So last time I posted ive just been trying to get some B&R stuff orginised, if these plans do come alive then it will be huge for me and the B&R name so hopefully something comes of it.

There has been a tour announcement in AUS in MAY which is called the Destroy Music Tour which is such a beastly lineup consisting of The Amity Affliction, I Killed The Prom Queen, Deez Nuts & Of Mice & Men. Im seriously thinking about heading over to one of the shows since ive allways been a big fan of IKTPQ and now that they have Jamie Hope as singer (picture below), im sure it would be a awesome show.

Destroy Music Link :

Also ive been thinking about study opitions for next year, I think at this point in time ill be going to AUT for a BCT, Bachelor In Creative Technologies and major in Moving Image since ive allways had an interest in editing and presenting video projects to people, so I think that would be awesome to do.

So until update #2, PEACE!

Heres the results for the 126 card:

Main card

* Bantamweight bout: Miguel Torres vs. Antonio Banuelos
Torres defeated Banuelos via unanimous decision (30–27, 30–27, 30–27).
– This was a good fight, Torres was looking good as usual. Hope theres a title fight again involving this dude cause hes crazy.
* Welterweight bout: Jake Ellenberger vs. Carlos Eduardo Rocha
Ellenberger defeated Rocha via split decision (27–30, 29–28, 29–28).

* Light Heavyweight bout: Jon Jones vs. Ryan Bader
Jones defeated Bader via submission (guillotine choke) at 4:20 of round 2.
– Was backing Bader for this fight but Jones fliped a choke on him which was dam impressive, its pretty cool that now he gets to fight for the light heavy title since Rashard blew out his knee in training.

* Light Heavyweight bout: Forrest Griffin vs. Rich Franklin
Griffin defeated Franklin via unanimous decision (29–28, 29–28, 29–28).
– Pretty even fight imo, Wanted Franklin to win by decision but didnt come through.

* Middleweight Championship bout: Anderson Silva (c) vs. BVitor Belfort
Silva defeated Belfort via KO (strikes) at 3:25 of round 1 to retain the UFC Middleweight Championship.
– WELL… this fight was short and suprising, Vitor got some hits in a Silva felt em before Silva delivered a HUGE kick straight up to Vitors chin and KOd him for quite awhile. Everyone was surprised to say the least, shit was crazy!


– Going to a Monarko game evening tonight with a mate that got some invites, hopefully jam some Marvel 3 which will be cool, releasing next week!
– Work tomorrow night, get some more money.
– And Tauranga next weekend!

UFC 126 Preds & Update

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Misc, Music, UFC Reviews, Updates

UFC 126 – Silva vs Belfort

Main card (My preds are in bold, ones that arent I dont want to call because of not knowing the fighters.)
* Bantamweight bout: Miguel Torres vs. Antonio Banuelos
* Light Heavyweight bout: Jon Jones vs. Ryan Bader
* Welterweight bout: Jake Ellenberger vs. Carlos Eduardo Rocha
* Light Heavyweight bout: Forrest Griffin vs. Rich Franklin
* Middleweight Championship bout: Anderson Silva (c) vs. Vitor Belfort

Really want to see A.Silva fight, he hasnt really been pushed before so hopefully V.Belfort is the first person to push the pace.


I start work again 2moro, ive got shifts on Mon, Tues and Thurs night, which is good, will give me some more money to save for whatever. Apart from that im still thinking about B&R stuff and whether or not I should go ahead with some of the plans ive been trying to brew up, im sure I will do something this year but at this moment im unsure what that is.

Apart from that there isnt really anything else, might head down to Tauranga this coming weekend to catch up with my mom and pick somethings up from home.

Ill update after the PPV with the results and my thoughts on all the fights.