Well there are a heap of things that im generally interested in that come and go but there are a few things that ill forever love.

First and foremost I love everything and anything to do with music from listening to different bands/artists to the live sound side of concerts and how it all works, give me anything to listen to and most likely ill enjoy it aswell. I go to concerts quite often when artists from overseas come to New Zealand to play, an in the future I want to venture into video production and make music videos which would be an awesome way to combine my next interest which is Film…

I’ve always liked movies and anything to do with film. Basicly anything to do with how it its filmed and taken right through to the big screen I absolutely love it. So I get really excited when I think about Video Production in any way because I like editing together a piece and having a final product and showing people so hopefully in the future I can get something done with music videos but as for now im currently working on a documentary type film about the video game culture in NZ which will release later this year.

Im also heavily into MMA as a sport, its just crazy how most of the fighters out there train daily and work towards there goals etc. I also am into K1, having done kickboxing for awhile I know what its like to train extensively each week, and man its tough! Im going to start up kickboxing again aswell as start BJJ (Brazilian Jui Jitsu) this year so ill be giving updates on each when that rolls around aswell as review of UFC, WEC & K1 events.

Ive always had a fascination on sneakers specifically Nike sneakers. Every since I saw the original old school B-Ball promo shot with all the players wearing them I said to myself I must get some and my first pair were AF1 high tops light blue on dark blue swayd 😀 Every since ive been collecting sneakers of all sorts but mainly Nikes. Also ive got a fascination with street brand clothing and clothing labels that think outside the box with their designs and marketing such as Love Before Glory and Undefeated.

Im into any form of art, specifically stuff thats done for bands in the metal/hardcore/death metal scene, Dan Mumford is the main person I love in this field, his work is awesome and he has worked with tonnes of bands that im into which is cool. Photography is another interest that falls under the art category aswell as sketching and freestyle drawing.

FAMILY!!! Family is allways there and thats why they are important as hell to me.

So on top of those I also like hanging out with my friends and meeting new like-minded people who enjoy the same things as I do.

Thats me :D.


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