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Just a quick update on things, had a good easter weekend, caught up with a few people I hadnt seen in awhile which is allways good.

Getting another B&R gig for June sorted atm and should have the promo page on Facebook up soon with print coming a little after, ill post details on that on the B&R blog and this blog when its all finalised.

Apart from that just abit work on the side and waiting for my new computer to arrive at my mates store so it can be built and setup so I can game, record and edit videos more effectively and finally just have a decent computer setup for once lol.

On a side note im watching a news flash on TV3 news that OSAMA BIN LADEN has been killed in a drone strike over Afgahnistan which is pretty crazy, wonder what my dad will think of the whole situation lol.

Anyways ill post a update when my computer has been completed and post pictures and when the next B&R gig is finished.

Chur, Will.


Well I just got back from seeing my brother leave for Sydney, Australia today (His GF is moving over in two weeks, hell be back for an exam aswell). He is moving over there to start his new career at a finance firm. Ive always loved going to the airport since I was a little kid, the environment, the airplanes are what im really into, so now that im into taking a crap tonne of photos of anything interesting I thought id post some to the blog. Enjoy!

Cool pictures! Been pretty lazy on the blog updates but im sure to do more frequently once im back in Auckland and studying again 😀 Until then, Enjoy!

Well well well, look who is back in New Zealand to play a show hahaha no one else of course but Ohios very own metal POWERHOUSE…..CHIMAIRA!!!!

Anyways straight to the point, tomorrow night is there only New Zealand show in Auckland at The Studio on K’rd. If its anything like the last time they played (supporting Korn in 2008?) it will be well worth the watch. Heading along with my mates James & Logan. ( <<< FOLLOW)

I did a search and could only find a setlist from December:
No garantees that this will be the setlist used tomorrow night but it would be a good one, theres a nice mix of new and old plus all the classics.

So thats just a short one from me, ill post some pictures tomorrow night after if seem them with a better write up. Until then, stay safe and have a good sleep…? lol.

Chimaira - Live at The Studio, Auckland, New Zealand 2010