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Was a great event, all the bands I saw were awesome and im glad I could attend the first one in New Zealand. Hopefully it becomes a annual thing because no other festival has anything going for it for the type of music there..

Heres the photos I took of the bands I was interested in, on my newly made flickr account 🙂

TV3 No Sleep Til Auckland Review


Just thought id post a little something on No Sleep Til Auckland, which is tomorrow at ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane, Auckland!

Im actually surprised how I haven’t been as excited as I initially thought id be for this festival but I think that’s because ive been pretty busy with a few things lately, none the less im AMPED for tomorrow!

The bands I plan to see in order are Leeches, Outsiders, Antagonist A.D, We Came As Romans, August Burns Red, Suicide Silence, Alkaline Trio, GWAR (Why not? lol), Parkway Drive, Dropkick Murphys, NOFX then maybe a little Megadeth for the hell of it. Thats close to the whole lineup but I gotta get my moneys worth and maybe discover some music I might actually like.

Also another thing that makes tomorrow awesome is that a good friend of mine will be coming up from my hometown to hang at this, it will be his first major concert which is kinda funny since hes had the chance to go to quite a few of them but thats something else.

Ill update with photos/video if I manage to get anything good. Until then…


August Burns Red – White Washed

The Devil Wears Prada – Danger: Wildman

Of Mice And Men – Second & Sebring

Blind Witness – Baby One More Notch

All these videos I like how the are shot etc look awesome. Good songs aswell 😛