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Just a small randy update, just been up to the same old stuff and currently looking forward to PC XLAN which will be the first PC XLAN that ive attended, other than that Ill be going to Sydney at the end of June or possibly the start of July to hang with my brother and help him and his fiancee move into their new apartment in the city.
And im looking forward to my next B&R show which is on June 11th, hopefully it will be a good turnout like my last one. And yea thats about it. Until next time.



Just chilling in Tauranga once again, thought it would be nice to come down and hang with my mom for as much time before work kicks in again which should be soon, in maybe a week or two.

Next weekend im heading down to Welly to catch up with some mates I havent seen in years, which will be awesome.
Ill be sure to post some pictures from the trip.

Once I get back I want to start working on some shows/tours for the start of winter, possibly a tour of some local bands around the north island which will be good for my company name.

My new years resolution of not eating takeaways is going good but I changed it to once a week/not eating it, I think thats more realistic and still saves myself a crap tonne of money.

Other than all that, im just chilling out at the moment watching UFC 125 and waiting for lunch to be served. 🙂