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Just a quick update on things, had a good easter weekend, caught up with a few people I hadnt seen in awhile which is allways good.

Getting another B&R gig for June sorted atm and should have the promo page on Facebook up soon with print coming a little after, ill post details on that on the B&R blog and this blog when its all finalised.

Apart from that just abit work on the side and waiting for my new computer to arrive at my mates store so it can be built and setup so I can game, record and edit videos more effectively and finally just have a decent computer setup for once lol.

On a side note im watching a news flash on TV3 news that OSAMA BIN LADEN has been killed in a drone strike over Afgahnistan which is pretty crazy, wonder what my dad will think of the whole situation lol.

Anyways ill post a update when my computer has been completed and post pictures and when the next B&R gig is finished.

Chur, Will.


Should be pretty awesome with pre lans happening with TSW (Top NZ H3 Team) on Tues and Wed and a 4 team lan on thurs before the event over the weekend (fri, sat & sun)
Ill also watch:

Because fighting games are awesome to watch… Aswell as:

Thats about it, two weeks away, should be pretty awesome 🙂 !!!

Metal Gear Rising – More gameplay
Halo: Reach – Campagin/Firefight Trailer
Natal renamed Kinect

Contra, Frogger, Baseball, and Metal Gear Solid confirmed for 3DS

Nintendo 3DS Announcement
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Goldeneye 007 (Remake)
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Metroid: Other M
Kid Icarus: Uprising

Other Companies
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Remake)
EA Sports MMA

Just thought id do a mass update about gaming, I dont really play that much games now that I live out of home lol only on the odd occasion when ive got some spare time or am in Tauranga…

Recently I played abit of Bioshock 2 which is a awesome game, much like the first game but with extras that make the game funner like better plasmids and tonics etc and the weapons are cool aswell (Rivet Gun, Machine Gun, Drill etc), worth a rent but not a buy since it doesnt take that long to complete (nearly finished it in a day), overall its good 🙂

Other games im looking out for are Super Street Fighter 4 which is looking good, Halo Reach which is looking awesome aswell, I got a free BETA key into the Reach BETA since I played Halo 2 from the beginning and since they have no shut down the live support for the original xbox they gave all the old school players a free BETA key + 400MSP and 3 free months of XBL gold 😀 Stoked! The new Modern Warfare 2 maps will be good aswell with two old remakes of COD:MW1 maps (Crash+Overgrown).

Im also interested in getting a PS3 sometime when they get cheap enough or have a good enough bundle worth buying, theres some games that lack on 360 live that are much better on PSN like Tekken 6 and Street Fighter etc Also God Of War 3 is a game worth checking out on the system (the first two where really good)