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I only read about the macbook scam that Jonny did, which is such a dickhead thing to do, lucky he has a good label and management firm that might be able to turn things around with his career and safe him a little bit.

“Craig Ericson of Rise and Eric Rushing of the Artery Foundation provided us with this joint statement:

“In regards to Jonny Craig; Jonny has checked himself into a professional detox treatment facility located in North Hollywood, CA. His addiction needed immediate attention and with the help from MusiCares, we were able to make it happen. Rise Records and Artery Management will reimburse all people who Jonny took advantage of financially. No one will be getting ripped off and we’d all like to issue a public apology to anyone who had been taken advantage of. Regarding live performances: the Emarosa/Chiodos tour will continue as planned with Tilian Pearson (former vocalist of Tides of Man) filling in for Jonny. All scheduled Dance Gavin Dance shows will happen as planned next month and beyond. Everyone from his team wishes Jonny the best in his recovery. We’re all looking forward to the new and improved Jonny.”

Read the rest here:


Thought this interview was good, explains where he started and how the company goes about signing…

“So my friend that I threw the other party with and I decided to try to promote a local show to see how well it would go. We put together a bill, and it sold out. There were about 500 people. We were stoked because we were like, β€œWow, we can make money doing this.” [LAUGHTER] That was basically the start of it. It went from about one night a month, to two, until the point I was a full-time booker.”

Link to FULL Interview:

Also Legacy was one of Arterys latest signings, I found these guys through there Manager Issac Reeder (MMIs Tour Manager) and thought they were awesome. Cant wait to see these guys explode into the scene!

Band Details
Myspace –
Facebook –

Top 5 Movies:

Wall Street

Kick Ass

The Social Network



Top 5 Albums

Skrillex – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites

A Day To Remember – What Separates Me from You

The Devil Wears Prada – Zombie EP

Of Mice & Men – Of Mice & Men

The Ghost Inside – Returners

Top 5 Games

Halo Reach

Goldeneye 007

Top 5 Concerts/Acts

12th Planet (12th Nov, Be Club)

The Ghost Inside (Fri 17th Sep, The Studio)

The Black Dahlia Murder (Sat 29th May, Kings Arms)

The Devil Wears Prada (Fri 17th Sep, The Studio)

Emmure (Fri Mar 26th 2010, The Transmission Room)

Top 2 Moments

Being introduced to Electro/Dubstep – Being introduced to elector and dubstep music would be a pretty big moment for me since ive learnt how hard it is to produce music like this and what goes into it in the studio which is quite abit. Has also got me getting into producing some stuff but that will develop at a later time in the future πŸ™‚

Graduation – Finally finishing up course this year and graduating with all my mates alongside me, was awesome as!

Album of the Year

Anika Moa – Love in Motion

Dane Rumble – The Experiment

Gin Wigmore – Holy Smoke – WINNER

Shapeshifter – The System Is A Vampire

The Phoenix Foundation – Buffalo

Single of The Year

Dane Rumble – Cruel

Gin Wigmore – Oh My

J.Williams – You Got Me

Kids Of 88 – Just A Little Bit – WINNER

The Phoenix Foundation – Buffalo

Best Group

Shapeshifter – The System Is A Vampire

The Checks – Alice By The Moon

The Phoenix Foundation – Buffalo – WINNER

Best Male Solo Artist

Connan Mockasin – Please Turn Me Into The Snat

Dane Rumble – The Experiment – WINNER

J.Williams – Young Love

Best Female Solo Artist

Anika Moa – Love in Motion – WINNER

Gin Wigmore – Holy Smoke

Hollie Smith – Humour And The Misfortune Of Others

Breakthrough Artist of The Year

Artisan Guns – Autumn

Dane Rumble – The Experiment

Gin Wigmore – Holy Smoke – WINNER

Best Rock Album

Dimmer – Degrees of Existence

The Checks – Alice By The Moon – WINNER

The Phoenix Foundation – Buffalo

Best Pop Album

Anika Moa – Love in Motion

Dane Rumble – The Experiment

Gin Wigmore – Holy Smoke – WINNER

Best Urban / Hip Hop Album

David Dallas – Something Awesome – WINNER

J.Williams – Young Love

Young Sid – What Doesn’t Kill Me

Best Aotearoa Roots Album

Fly My Pretties – A Story

Hollie Smith – Humour And The Misfortune Of Others

Opensouls – Standing In The Rain – WINNER

Best Music Video

Nathan Hickey – Buffalo (The Phoenix Foundation)

Sam Peacocke – Sleepeater (Shihad)

Tim Van Dammen – Just A Little Bit (Kids Of 88) – WINNER

Best Electronica Album

Bulletproof – Soundtrack To Forever – WINNER

P-Money – Everything

Shapeshifter – The System Is A Vampire

Highest Selling NZ Album

Gin Wigmore – Holy Smoke – WINNER

Highest Selling NZ Single

Black Box – Stan Walker – WINNER

NZOA Radio Airplay Record of the Year

Black Box – Stan Walker

International Achievement Award

Stan Walker

NZ Herald Legacy Award


Best Gospel / Christian Album

Edwin Derricutt – Three Hours South – WINNER

John Michaelz – Walk on Water

Magnify – Wonderland

Best Classical Album

John Psathas – UKIYO


Simon O’Neill – Father & Son: Wagner Scenes & Arias – WINNER

Strike Percussion – Sketches


Overall it was a good night, would love to work for money there next year, at the moment im just trying to find a job to get me to stay in auckland. Only 5 more weeks of class then its over for the year. Job hunting is the priority for the next 5 weeks though.

Rainy day in Auckland today, just finished doing work placement work at Shock Records which was alright, getting free CDs is sweet. Last week of school next week then two weeks holiday which will consist of XLAN 2010 and a week in Tauranga, so looking forward to that.

Lately ive been looking around on the internet at artwork, mainly artwork of people that do CDs/DVDs/Apparel and I found Dan Mumford which recently has done work for Parkway Drive (Deep Blue) and A Day To Remember (Homesick) which I love the hell out of. And ive been trying to do some designs myself that I think are decent considering im new to sketching stuff etc etc, ive got tonnes of good ideas but just need to practice my drawing skills lol.

Anyways thats about it, I want to post some pictures of the Deep Blue artwork so ill do that sometime soon.

Looking forward to the new The Red Shore album titled “The Avarice Of Man”, from this first studio recording videos its sounding pretty huge. Ill be picking this release up for sure!

Small update, Just working on a few class things, going to get through most of it tomorrow. Thinking a little on my business side of things lately to decide whats the best for me and my name. Im sure if I cant go through with my first idea it will only make me work harder with 2TL when they are up and gigging. 100%.

Some crazy stuff going on outside of what ive been doing but im trying to help where its possible in that field but theres only so much someone can do lol, Im sure over time everything get better.

Apart from that im off to go watch the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter, should be good shit also cant wait to watch UFC 113, some good fights on the card πŸ™‚ And if anyone reads this, you HAVE to go out and buy the new Dauntless EP, shits off the chain! Best band/EP in NZ