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Having done alot this week apart from I attended a invite only gaming industry event at this shed down on Victoria St I think it was with my friend that works at a game store. We got there at it was a open bar and had a few games that were the E3 builds, to name a few there was Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Sonic Colours, Vanquish, Hawxs 2, Dead Rising 2 and both Microsofts Kinect and Sony Playstation Move which are releasing sometime later this year. I only really played MvC3 which is alot of fun and as crazy as MvC2. They also had a tournament for MvC3 towards the end of the night with 8 people (which me and this other dude should have been apart of but we got kicked off >_<) anyways my mate won the tournament and scored himself a Hori SE 360 arcade stick, a copy of MvC3 when it drops, SSF4 copy and a signed MvC3 t shirt from E3 which isnt to bad considering he was abit drunk lol. I scored a goodie bag which is cool, had a few PS related things in it so ill just chuck them in my box of promo stuff.

Apart from that im just waiting for Saturday to roll around so I can get to Zeal and run the show im putting on. Should be good times, im not to nervous and I hope everything runs smoothly 😀
Ill do a writeup of my event on sunday sometime.